top of page architecture architecture is a team of five design professionals.  It is a Whitehorse, Yukon based architecture and design firm. Formed in 2020, is formally in its infancy, although the principals have been working on small scale projects together since 2013 and through their entire architectural academic careers since 2006. Collectively, they have 20 years of professional experience in the architecture field. Their breadth of work has included a multitude of scales in residential, commercial, health care, cultural, and hospitality. Their experience has been developed in both the private and public sectors. Both have worked extensively in the Yukon as well as offices around Canada.


The Yukon is where calls home and is an acronym for site north office. Jackie’s upbringing in the community of Beaver Creek, situated along the Yukon/Alaska border, combined with Chris’s introduction to the Yukon in 2012, solidifies their enduring ties to this distinct environment. architecture is passionate about place making and place keeping and strives to develop contemporary architecture that celebrates the history, ongoing living culture and unique physical context of the North. endeavours to create architecture which is robust, energy efficient and suitable to the harsh climate. These influences are reflected in the name of the practice.   


As a small architecture firm, the entire team is intimately involved in all projects, from visioning to design and construction documents, and on to construction administration. enjoys working on the scale of project that allows them to carefully craft the overall concept down to individual design details. As a northern architecture firm and out of necessity, the principals perform all aspects of the work with their team from drafting, architectural design, layout, graphic design and everything in-between.  The office keeps all production, from presentations and renderings to construction drawings and specifications in-house to maximize quality control. As a small practice, our clients enjoy the full attention of the entire design team. 

The context forces the office to be generalists. loves making things. 

Jackie Burgess, principal, architect NWTAA

Jackie is an architect. She completed her undergraduate at the University of Manitoba and her Masters of Architecture from the University of Calgary. Jackie is a Yukoner. Jackie moved to the Yukon from British Columbia at age 1 and spent 10 years in the tiny border town of Beaver Creek where she grew up playing in the forest. Jackie has worked at architecture firms in Edmonton, Calgary, and Whitehorse after which she joined the dark side as a public servant. She is passionate about travel and food, 

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Chris Chevalier, principal, architect NWTAA

Chris is also an architect. He completed his undergraduate at the University of Manitoba and his Masters of Architecture from the University of Calgary. When Chris was 10 he produced drawings for an adaptive reuse project to convert his family home into a shopping mall. He has worked at offices in Edmonton and Calgary and has 10 years experience working in the Yukon. Chris received the University Gold Medal at the U of M, the RAIC Student Medal at the U of C and was a nominee for the Prix de Rome for Emerging Practitioner. Chris thinks he is a rock star, but he actually only plays classical guitar. 

Emily Jones, intern architect NWTAA

Emily is an Intern Architect. She completed her undergraduate at Carleton University and her Masters at the University of Manitoba. Her architectural interests lie in community-centered design, both civic and residential, focusing on projects which create strong and meaningful relationships between people and nature. Emily grew up in Huntsville, Ontario and is passionate about cross country skiing and getting outside.  

Mélissa Marchand, intern interior designer
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Melissa is an Intern Interior Designer.  Originally from Ottawa, and having recently relocated to Whitehorse, Melissa graduated from the Bachelor of Interior Design at Algonquin College where she was awarded the title of valedictorian of the Faculty of Arts, Media, and Design. Her love for plants, gardening and foraging is what drives her desire to design environments that hat foster a human-nature connection using biophilic design principles, and that are cohesive with nature in way that replenishes its surrounding ecological system.

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Cat Daigle, intern architect

Cat. Who is Cat? Cat is an Intern Architect by day and feral feline by night. Collector of twigs, moss, and stones, they have foraged an undergraduate and masters degree from the forests of Northern Ontario (aka: Laurentian University). Writing a thesis on Multi-Species Built-Environments and decomposing buildings, they are now living amongst Canada’s Sub-Arctic species and referred to as ‘’ When they’re not roaming around the office in their socks, you can find them befriending woodland creatures and practicing nature photography.

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Natalie Hill, office manager
Murphy, canine, sheepadoodle

Murphy is a dog. She will attend design charrettes for carrots and crackers. Murphy is the official office greeter. 

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