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oons (oons) is the sound of Chris poorly beatboxing. It is also sno backwards. It is the alter-ego of sno. It is the division that makes stuff, not money. oons believes that while Architecture cannot save the world, it certainly is responsible for much of the built environment and it can enrich our lives. Architecture is the stage for the majority of human activity and experience. How can that stage augment experience? Does it slip into background and when should it become foreground? Architecture is the envelope which protects and filters.  It is the interface that we experience our cities and built environment. It is the inside and out. It is the diagram that (interior) life is organized. Program. Architecture can also be the vehicle for mediocrity and the reinforcement of the status quo.


oons keeps us on our toes and reminds us to challenge the status quo. It can benefit and privilege some and not all. It can subjugate. It pollutes our air. It can make our cities boring. Hopefully these are not empty platitudes. It is our reminder to do better. It is our vehicle to create new, freed from budgets and no.

To make new proposals must involve research. Architectural research not just conducted in lab or library but through conjecture, diagram, thinking machines and speculative projects. An understanding of context. Discussion.

First, to study the Site, analyze it, understand its conditions [history, cultures, landscape, environment, economy, program, technology]. Study this Ecology of which it is fundamentally a part. Do this at a variety of scales. Understand its current state which is the fertile ground to form new ideas. Architecture is the physical manifestation of this intersection of Site / Ecology. 

Why: A side project perhaps from which something productive might emerge. A new diagram for the city, a new architecture. An office of digital making. We might just end up with some cool looking stuff. What is the worst that can happen? We are just getting started.

oons has only one speed: GO. It has only one answer: YES.

dhouse 1

Sixth Avenue Funk_render.png

50x100 -  Within the limits of Codes and Bylaws what new typologies are possible on this ubiquitous urban parcel? How can the diagram for small scale urban infill be redefined? 

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