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Whitehorse, Yukon
32 townhouse units

The Northern Community Land Trust Society is a non-profit established to create permanently affordable housing for Yukoners. has worked closely with NCLT on their first housing development and aided in providing concept design materials and Class D costing for funding applications. prepared over 5 concept design options, including community flythroughs, renderings and concept diagrams. assembled a survey to gather data from potential purchasers and to create a design focus group. The design process has included 3 meetings with the focus group for a participatory design process.The first project will be in Whitehorse, and is focused on affordable ownership for limited income, working class people and families. Eligible residents will purchase homes at a significant discount from market value (for example, our current target is below $200,000 for a one-bedroom home). Residents will own their homes, and can stay in them for as long as they want. In exchange for receiving an affordable home, residents agree to pass this affordability on when they decide to sell - the resale price is fixed, and is typically tied to inflation. This keeps the homes affordable for future generations. The final selected circular arced form provides shelter from the southeast and northwest winds prevalent in Whitehorse which creating a community courtyard. The circular form provides equal access to daylight with each unit receiving solar exposure on two sides. Each unit has a ‘social’ deck facing the courtyard and a more private yard facing outwards. The shared walls reduce the thermal envelope and reduce heat loss through the building envelope.

The project will be delivered in a CM arrangement giving NCLT more control over the construction process. The CM will be selected through a RFP process where price and experience are balanced with other social criteria (diversity, inclusion, etc)

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