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the current
Whitehorse, Yukon
36,500sqft / 4 storeys / main floor commercial + 34 condo units

The Current is a four storey mixed use condominium project in downtown Whitehorse. The project is a total of 36,500 ft2 with surface parking to the rear. Three floors of residential units are located above a main floor with commercial and private education spaces. Working directly with the contractor and developer, strove for architectural simplicity while maintaining visual and design interest to achieve an attractive yet affordable building. is also providing architectural services for the fit up of the school on the main level. 

The project consists of 34 residential condo units ranging from 350ft2 micro units to generous 2 bedroom 950ft2 units. While the building is efficient and stacks each floor layout to benefit constructability, it also includes 12 different unit layouts . Rather than provide few unit types, the project provides a diversity of options to maximize the number of purchasers possible from the small market available in Whitehorse. The fourth floor contains a communal lounge and workout room as well as a generous rooftop deck.  

The building is located across from the Front Street pedestrian mall on Keish Street and the main entrance engages this pedestrian traffic by being placed on the lot corner. A large canopy provides a welcoming gesture and brings the building scale down to fit nicely within the urban context. Overhanging and continuous wrapping balconies provide protection and cover to the street while creating large private outdoor amenity spaces for the condo units. 

As the building faces east and south, the potential for overheating is mitigated with strategic placement of vertical wooden screens to provide envelope shading.

Substantial 'wood' elements have been added to the building to create a material palate that is Modern, but contextually relevant to the Yukon. These elements are also durable and robust with an understanding of the harsh local environment. has provided full services to the developer including typical Architectural scopes coupled with project renderings, marketing materials while working in close association with the local sales and realty team.

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