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Whitehorse, Yukon

The house is a bridge to the forest, with an openness to the light.


This residence is situated in suburban Whitehorse Yukon (60N). The site is an edge condition with suburban housing to the north and a greenbelt bordering the Yukon River to the south. The house is a bridge between  'City' and the wilderness to the south. Living spaces face the southern boreal forest while an income suite faces the street. Large windows take in the limited northern light in the winter while allowing for passive solar gains in the shoulder season. 


A central stair running transverse to the building form leads to the upper level comprising of bathrooms and bedrooms. A rooftop patio has panoramic views of the lower bench, mountains and suburban rooftops. 


A high efficiency envelope wraps the house and keeps interior spaces warm in the subarctic winters and reduces energy consumption. 

snohouse fancy.jpg
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snohouse front.jpg
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