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542 Front Side_flat.jpg
148 Keno Way Commercial
Whitehorse, Yukon
shell commercial space

The 148 Keno Way project is community commercial building consisting of two wings with an interconnecting outdoor covered mall. This corridor runs east-west to protect shoppers from often cold north and south winds. A robust public realm wraps the building with a diversity of spaces in regards to scale, character and environmental exposures. A large vertical brise soleil serves as both screen and an engaging architectural skin, a community billboard. The brise soleil not only offers solar protection but also creates an interplay of filtered light within the building and its surrounding patios. The building strives to create street interaction experience despite its suburban location. The façade-skin establishes a strong connection with the urban surroundings, engaging passersby at two speeds - that of the pedestrian and the motor vehicle. 

542 Front Side_flat.jpg
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